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Our Chorlton Cycleway Response Jan 2019

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Please find below a link to our 5 section response to the Chorlton Cycleway Consultation.

As traders we were particularly concerned at the ‘evidence’ pack (published by Transport for London) provided to us in answer to our concerns regarding the impact of the Chorlton Cycleway on trade. Other Traders’ Associations engaged in similar consultations with limited time available may find our very frank critique of this evidence, as set out in Section 4 of our response, most useful.

It’s beginning to look a lot like …

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We know it’s still only November, but here at Chorlton Traders, we’ve been thinking about Christmas for a long time. It’s our favourite time of year – everywhere’s lit up and everyone’s in a good mood (if they’re not too stressed and overwhelmed by it all). Christmas takes a lot of preparation and planning, which is usually done by our members working voluntarily. We’d like to thank them for all they do to help Chorlton be a nicer place for us all.

Talking of which….

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December: winners all round

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It was a great start to December for the Traders, with Small Business Saturday and our annual Christmas Lights Switch On party on December 6.  The streets of Chorlton felt just a little bit safer that day too, when our home-grown crime-cracking superhero Dangermouse made a guest appearance to push the big button – even if he did use a scary-looking detonator to do it! Thanks to everyone who made the day so special. (And for helping us raise over £200 for Mad Dogs Homeless)


Our Christmas Raffle raised £1,135, which goes towards lighting up Chorlton at Christmas.  Big thanks are due to everyone who sold tickets, bought tickets or donated such fantastic prizes.  We’ll do it all again next year!

Here are the lucky winners.

Chorlton Print by Anna Violet – Matthew Tomlinson
Silver piece from Wilbrahams – Omar Munir
Chain Saw Owl – Saj
£100 Chorlton Traders Vouchers – Rhona Gregory
£50 Chorlton Traders Vouchers – Colin Broadbent
A3 canvas photoshoot Andrew Wood Photography – Ann Wilson
A3 print B&B at Abbey Lodge – Carole (Chorlton Art Market)
Life/ Business Coaching sessions – David Radcliffe
Meal for Two at Croma – Emma Brundretts
box of 12 cup cakes from J&D Cupcake Co – Virginia
Unicorn Christmas Hamper – June Dake
Lloyds Meal for 2 – Mrs Buckley
Nip & Tipple meal for 2 with wine – Allison Cooper
Patchwork Papillion quilt – Cher Reid
Direct Advertising& Media Pi Voucher – Michaela Marc
Maine Rd Tickets & refreshments – Chris Heg
£25 voucher Post Box Café – Emma Topp
£20 Voucher Horse & Jockey – Alice Deville
Simon Dunn Chocolate Hamper – Dave Barter
Lushbrownies Voucher – Cath Rew
Set of Chorlton mugs & coasters – Lyn from Elliotts
Make It Shop crafty prize – Ellen Cotogni
Royal Exchange Theatre tickets – Tilly Kelly
Dangermouse Cutout from Crafts By Sian – Claire Murray

Here’s to a brilliant 2015 – not only for our members, but for everyone who lives, works and loves in Chorlton.

Linsey Parkinson

So Chorlton

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Only in Chorlton…

These are words we’ve been hearing quite a bit, perhaps most notably in the Evening News a while back when it reported on what became known as Quinoagate. In case you missed it, this was a story in which the team at Unicorn mistakenly labelled their stock of quinoa as organic, then put up a note to apologise.

‘Only in Chorlton,’ or ‘That’s SO Chorlton,’ usually begin or end statements which tread a well-worn path, usually one which features houmous somewhere along the way. I don’t think I need say more.

At its best, the Chorlton caricature is good-natured and pretty funny: at its worst, it’s just a little bit boring. So what if outsiders say we’re smug? Nothing wrong with loving where you live: when we’re proud of our neighbourhoods, we make them even better.

I think we should reclaim the two phrases for ourselves: subvert them by wearing them as badges of honour.  I’ll start now.

That’s SO Chorlton…

A village vibe where there’s always something to see and somewhere to play, not to mention a festival calendar of our very own.

A place with a real creative pedigree; from Cosgrove Hall to Matthew Williamson, Harry Goodwin to the Bee Gees.

Our own village green, a choice of parks and a fat ribbon of countryside on our doorstep.

An inspiring and eclectic range of independent and creative businesses from indie crafters to major media players.

Great coffee, our own beers and all you can eat: Chorlton-made chocolate, Chorlton-made chutney.

Books, art, flowers and a choice of posh olives – available in minutes.

Intelligent, socially aware people, who try to shop ethically and care about what’s going on around them.

Only in Chorlton, eh?

Blog post by Linsey Parkinson (Chin Up Duck)