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November 2017 update

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There just isn’t enough money in the civic pot for a decent spread of lamppost decorations this year. We’re a determined bunch in Chorlton; self-reliant and used to making a little go a long way. If we want Chorlton to look more Christmassy, we’re going to have to roll our sleeves up!

We created the nativity in the community garden, and sourced and fitted mini-trees and wall brackets for members too, so we’ve made a start.

How you can help

If you have premises on Manchester, Barlow Moor, Wilbraham or Beech Roads, work with us! You decorate your interiors, but think of your exteriors too and contribute to the look of Chorlton as a whole.

If you live, shop, eat, drink or bank here, hang some lights outside your home and ask your favourite places to make a festive effort too.

Let’s work together to brighten up Chorlton. We can provide strings of exterior lights which can link together to brighten up even the darkest night. We know money’s short – none of us have budgets for this and the Council has to prioritise its spending – but once we’ve bought our decorations, they’re ours for good.

Instead of cursing the dark, Chorlton folk, let’s light candles! For more information, get in touch as below.


We urge all traders (members or not) and residents to take part in the consultation about Chorlton’s redevelopment, which is open until December 15th. It’s up to us all to engage in constructive debate and help the Council and developers understand just why we love living here. This is important.


There’s always someone that’s impossible to buy for at Christmas. The answer? Chorlton Gift Vouchers. We don’t have our own local currency, or our own payment app (developed for profit by Big Tech Inc): these proudly low-tech vouchers are made by us, for our customers. There’s no hidden markups – buy £10, get £10 to spend in lots of local shops. See for info.

Complete your essential Shop Local kit with the 2018 TAG! deals and discounts card (available from early December) and the So Chorlton cotton shopping bag. Every penny from the bag goes to help Chorlton’s flowers grow in the planters, community garden and verges by the precinct. The bags are only £2.99, so you don’t have to dig deep – our fabulous horticulturalists Chorlton Nursery do that for us!


Don’t spend your valuable pre- Christmas weekends in traffic, queueing to park in shopping malls. Grab a bag and walk to Chorlton’s shops. Good for you, good for the planet and good for Chorlton. Love where you live. Need we say more?

June’s update

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Our update from the June edition of Community Index.

June’s a big month for us – let’s hope for some lovely South Manchester sunshine!

Fanfare please….

We’ve joined forces with Beech Road Traders and Community Index to create Chorlton Events a new calendar listing what’s happening in this place we call home. We want it to be an indispensable guide on what to do in Chorlton – from major cultural events to hidden-gem attractions on wet Wednesdays.  Members of the two Traders Associations can email their events for inclusion We’ll promote the site through our members, through the magazine and through our wider marketing channels. You’ll find the calendar – a work in progress, but filling up fast – at

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March’s update

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Here’s a thing that doesn’t happen every day

We’re starting by talking about Didsbury…

Sometimes we need reminding of the reasons to be proud of where we live. So many of us hop on a tram into town when what we want is right under our noses.

Our sister organisation, Didsbury Traders has just produced a fantastic new map, which lists key attractions, features and local businesses. It’s been getting a big thumbs-up from residents, visitors and traders alike and was singled out for praise at a recent meeting of the City Council.

The free map is all about promoting our local economy and community. It’s about keeping money in – and bringing money into – our neighbourhood. Independent businesses need our custom to survive: that’s not about being charitable, it’s about getting great service with a personal touch from people who care. Our High Streets are what make our district centres distinctive and give that village feel that we’re so proud of in Chorlton.

The map helps promote a distinct and desirable area and a visitor destination. It conveys an attractive image, makes much of its transport links and is intended to bring in tourists and visitors from other parts of town, as well as helping residents discover things they didn’t know existed. So if it’s good enough for Didsbury….

We’re going to apply for a grant to get a similar map off the ground in Chorlton. Our plan is for local artist Anna Violet to illustrate local features and selected businesses.

This is a huge undertaking, but we believe it’s a worthwhile one: it won’t happen overnight and there’s a lot of work to be done. We’re going to be getting in touch with all our members to request a contribution towards costs at a choice of prices and levels. Don’t miss out: if you’re already a member, look out for updates. If you’re not a member, we’d love you to join us. If you’re a Chorlton resident, follow us on Twitter for updates or keep reading these pages.

WLTM green-fingered Chorltonians

Last month we mentioned the new community garden we’ll be creating between the library and the Sedge Lynn. We’re hoping handy Chorlton residents will be able to help us with painting, basic construction, planting and labour. We’re going to fill the garden with fruit and fragrant lovely things in time for the summer. If you can help, please do contact us.

Pub and Shop Watch

Our Pub and Shop Watch scheme is getting off the ground. By working together, traders and licensees can share intelligence about offenders and suspicious activity and make Chorlton safer for everyone. Greater Manchester Police are supporting the scheme – and it’s free. If you’re a member, get in touch with us if you’d like to join.

New(ish) Year, More New Stuff!

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New! Community Garden

We’ve had our eye on that mysterious gated-off space on Manchester Road for quite a while now.  You know the one – between the Sedge Lynn and the library. This spring, we’ll be unlocking the gates to create a community garden that’s perfect for reading, chatting and smelling the flowers.

The garden is just part of the work we’re doing with the Council and other partners to smarten up Manchester Road. The Christmas tree has made way for thousands of spring flowers and there’ll be new Veloplanters – where bike storage and bedding plants meet – from Velotrove. More safe places for folks to lock their bikes while they’re shopping means they’ll spend more time and money in Chorlton. It’s all connected.

We need a few volunteers to help with digging and planting, so if your heart is willing and/or your fingers are even a little bit green, please get in touch and help us make Chorlton lovelier.

New! Pub and Shop Watch

By working together, we traders can share intelligence about suspicious activity and improve security for all our members. The new Pub and Shop Watch scheme costs nothing and we know it’s working in other places: if you’re a member and you’re interested in being part of it, contact us to find out more.

New! Chorlton on the Map

Residents – and visitors – sometimes need a reminder about how much is on offer in Chorlton, and how easy it is to find great local products and services.  The Chorlton Map will list local businesses, shops and other independents, so you’ll never need to go anywhere else. Didsbury Traders have just finished their second, greatly expanded, map and it’s been a real success story. It’s definitely time that Chorlton had one too. Watch this space…

New! TAG! cards

The 2015 TAG! Pass It On cards are on sale widely now, offering exclusive discounts on local shopping – from artichokes to acupuncture, dinners to dry cleaning. Cards are valid until December and cost just £5, so they pay for themselves in no time.

More than fifty local businesses are part of the TAG! community loyalty scheme. If you’d like to join them and reward people who keep their money local, have a look at the TAG! website for ideas, inspiration and bit of promotional know-how. And if you want to buy a card for yourself (every home should have one), look for the logo in and around Chorlton.