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A unique, independent cheese shop for Chorlton and beyond, specially designed to create the specific environment required to care for each of our cheeses, presenting them to our customers at their very best.

We specialise in exceptional, small batch Artisan and Farmhouse cheese and complementary products that are made to a similar ethos and quality, including several from Chorlton and the surrounding locality.

We source raw milk and pasteurised Cow’s, Sheep’s and Goat’s cheeses, made with both vegetarian and traditional rennet: Traditional regional hard cheeses, blue cheeses, Alpine washed-rinds, & soft Continental styles, as well as fresh cheeses, and cow’s and goat’s curds.

We aim to offer every customer a bespoke service, the opportunity to taste new cheeses & to share in the stories behind each product & its makers.

Twitter: @ChorltonCheese1

Instagram: @chorltoncheesemongers1