Chorlton Traders

Working together in Chorlton

Two groups of masters and undergraduate students from the Manchester School of Architecture have re-imagined the future of Chorlton Cross Shopping Centre (Precinct)  and surrounding area.

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Inspired by the recently completed Chorlton Metrolink station Mural of Batman the Cat, Chorlton Arts Festival and cycling developments (Chorlton Cycleway and Chorlton Bike Deliveries) they propose to repurpose and re-use the existing buildings and public spaces, rather than demolish and rebuild, leading to a more sustainable outcome complementing the existing public space.

The two projects were commissioned by Chorlton Vision and Chorlton Traders, two  groups seeking a community based, sustainable future for the Chorlton neighbourhood. 

Ideas focused on extending the cycle hub and infrastructure, developing accessible and engaging community spaces and facilities, and introducing green space. One group used ‘Meanwhile Use’ ideas, with temporary  revitalisation of vacant units and unsightly shuttered shop frontages.

The other “Picture This” focused on the outdoor spaces in and around Chorlton Precinct, Nicolas Road and the old cinema building. At the final presentations, residents and local councillors were impressed by the work and inspiration of the groups, which included a timber scale-model of Chorlton centre spotlighting the Precinct, constructed by the students. The model was made from reclaimed wood, of course, from other project offcuts.

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Project Websites:

Picture This 

Meanwhile Use 

Alan Williams
Unicorn Grocery and Co-chair, Chorlton Traders