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Walking and cycling improvements in Chorlton – progress update for Area 3b, Manchester Road from Clarendon Road West to Sandy Lane

Dear Resident

We are writing to you to give you an update on the progress of the work on the Manchester to Chorlton Cycleway area 3b.

As you may recall, we had originally planned for this section of the scheme to be completed later this summer. However, due to a number of issues including carriageway voids at the four banks junction, drainage problems, and multiple gas leaks, the estimated completion date is now winter 2023.

The good news is that we have mitigated some of the delays already and are working to progress with the remaining zones as quickly as possible, whilst delivering high quality works.

We have been undertaking the resurfacing works at the four banks junction, following this and some other minor works, the new junction will be commissioned, and works will then proceed in the remaining zones.

Once the Four Banks Junction is commissioned, the following right turn bans will be live:

  • No right turn: Barlow Moor Road heading North (Citybound) to Wilbraham Road
  • No right turn: Wilbraham Road heading West to Manchester Road
  • No right turn: Wilbraham Road heading East to Barlow Moor Road
  • For your added information, there will also be some forthcoming work on Wilbraham Road to undertake some resurfacing work, but this is part of a separate scheme and will not affect this programme.

If you need to discuss anything about this work, please email us on

We understand that this work can be disruptive, so we would like to apologise for any inconvenience, and to thank you for your ongoing patience, we really appreciate it

Yours faithfully

Highways Team, Manchester City Council

2 August 2023