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Working together in Chorlton

Chorlton & Chorlton Park councillors issued this statement about the cycleway in February 2024. 

“There has been a lot of discussion in this group [Facebook] about the building of the cycleway and most recently the state of the completed work around Sandy Lane. It’s difficult to answer so many individual comments on different posts but we wanted to give an update as we appreciate it’s an important issue for many of you.
“We support the building of the cycleway and welcome the investment into the local area. We also support the ambition to make the roads safer for people of all ages to cycle on to reduce car use in the city. It’s important to note that this money from the Mayor’s Challenge Fund was ringfenced for this purpose and could not have been used for any other use such as council services, road improvements or fixing potholes.
“We expect the scheme to be finished to the highest possible standards and have continually sought to try and ensure that happens. Throughout the project we have had regular meetings and held the team to account and demanded answers for delays and poor work. When people contacted us via emails or at surgeries we followed up on their concerns.
“We know that it has taken longer than expected and that this has caused understandable frustration (which we share). The contractors have faced some unavoidable challenges along the way including sink holes, gas leaks, drainage issues and unexpected underground infrastructure. Equally there are things that could and should have been done better.
“The cycleway is due to be completed imminently and we want a first-class scheme so that our original ambitions can be met.
“Throughout this process we have worked together as a Chorlton and Chorlton Park councillor team and today we have all raised concerns about the poor standard of the tarmacking. The Programme Manager has assured us that a paving machine will be on site next week to rectify areas already completed and the machine will be used for the remainder of the works.
“We had already organised a site visit with councillors and Highways officers next week so we will be able to check this firsthand too and raise any other outstanding issues.
Mandie, Dave, Joanna (Chorlton Park Councillors)
John, Mat and Eve (Chorlton Councillors)
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