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Healing Pain

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Healing Pain specialises in helping our clients recover fully from chronic and recurring pain.

We will help empower you to overcome your physical challenges and instil hope and belief in your ability to heal and grow.  Imagine all the things you will be able to fully enjoy if you were pain-free: sleeping well, having more energy to do the things you enjoy, being more mobile and active, feeling happier… when pain’s not limiting you, you set your limits!

We offer treatments and techniques which not only alleviate pain, but stop it from reccurring. We help people understand how pain works, what’s causing and triggering their pain and help resolve the underlying causes to help them fully recover.

We work with clients with persistent problems, or repetitive injuries, such as:
– back pain
– sciatica
– hip pain
– fibromyalgia
– ME and chronic fatigue
– slipped disc
– neck pain
– shoulder problems
– knee pain


and many more, diagnosed, or even undiagnosed problems.

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