Chorlton Traders

Working together in Chorlton


We’re Zooming this time around, because we don’t normally meet in August and it’s holiday season.

Please note that we’ll start at 6pm (rather than 5.30). 

We now have resources from the City Council to work towards improving trade and footfall and restoring Chorlton’s reputation as a place where people want to spend time and money – but we need to work together! Do you have good ideas? Can you help? Then come along. 

We’ll also have updates from the council and other agencies; news about events and what’s on in Chorlton and updates on footfall in the district centre. Plus plans, opportunities and more. If you trade in Chorlton, you’re welcome: if you’d like the Zoom link, drop us a line (, tell us who you are and the name of your business and we’ll send it to you.  Please note, however, this is not a public meeting: it’s open to traders in M21. 

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