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A community fund for Chorlton

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We’re not going to get overly political here, but it’s fair to say that austerity has led to severe cuts in public services offered by the City Council.

While the pressure is on to maintain essential services with much smaller budgets, Chorlton can no longer count on grants and subsidies in the way it once did.

We need to make a decision as a community. If we want flower beds, community events and Christmases (including lights and a switch-on), we’ll need to find a way to fund them ourselves.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that this is Chorlton. At heart, we’re a resourceful, creative and community-spirited village. If we all help, it really won’t be difficult.

We are proposing a community fund for Chorlton, operated by Chorlton Traders Association on a non-profit basis, on behalf of us all. Everything raised will go towards specific local causes.

As Traders, we already support a year-round calendar of initiatives: from festivals to markets, maps to shopping bags. We’ve run raffles, we’ve hosted events, put up christmas lights, applied for grants and lobbied on behalf of the community.

The vast majority of our members are small businesses. We don’t have sponsorship or marketing teams: we give our time and experience where we can.

In the coming months, we’ll be organising a series of fundraising projects. If you want to keep Chorlton colourful, interesting, special – and festive – we’ll need your help and your good ideas – join us, or get in touch.

Watch this space and #KeepItChorlton


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